Monday, December 8, 2008

December 8, 2008 - 28th Anniversary of John Lennon's Death

It is 7:10 am and I am sitting on the train as I do every morning reading my free newspapers and sipping on my morning coffee. As I flip through I reach a small article on one of the inner pages. It talks about today being the 28th anniversary of John Lennon's death. I started to cry. My grandmother Ida loved him. I looked out the window as the train started to move and snow started falling upon the already white ground below. I wish I had not lost her journal. I really miss her. She was the only one who understood my gift.

I turned back to my paper and there was a folded note and hand written on the front said Susan. I opened it.

Dear Susan, I really miss you too. You have a wonderful gift.
Don't let my memory drag you down or make you fearful of using it. I
given you another entry from my journal. Love Ida

I looked around at the passengers. "Was grandma still alive and on the train", I thought. I could not see her. I gave up my seat and wandered through from car to car but I could not find her. "Whomever stole my journal must be playing this trick on me", I thought. I sat on the steps and we were delayed due to congestion at Union. I opened the entry.

I wept a lot today. He was the closest thing to family I had. I listened
to him sing to me and it helped me deal with the losses I had. I could escape
into strawberry fields, or a yellow submarine. I watched his tv specials every
chance I got and he has a permanent seat at my table for all the holidays.

I felt the same way about my grandmother too. She was the only one really supportive of me. I miss her a lot. I hope that whomever has my journal that they will please return it to me. I will not question why you took it or even if it was you that took it. I just want it back please.

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