Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Heart Songs - They never feel wrong

During my walk up Yonge Street from Union to Bloor, I have been listening to my iPod a lot, especially the new Weezer album. Their new track, "Heart Songs" got me thinking, what are my heart songs and why do I feel that way about them? I thought I would start by listing my heart songs and hopefully my friends will continue by listing theirs and the reasons why they never feel wrong to them.

1) SONG: Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love Song
REASON: I recognize that initial chord pattern every time and I feel good. Gives me fond
memories if Brian singing it to me. This song is the perfect breakup song, "You
lied, goodbye".
2) SONG: Cat Power -Sea of Love
REASON: The Honeydrippers were yummy but the cat power version with its ambience gets
me dripping every time.

3) SONG: Nine Inch Nails - Closer
REASON: It reminds me of fond memories I had with Moddy Blaze screaming it at the top of
our lungs.

4) SONG: Heart - Burracuda
REASON: Who can resist that chord pattern

5) SONG: Pearl Jam - Yellow Ledbetter
REASON: This song is my life now. On the front porch they are waiting. They won't come in
as I have the house protected but they wait for the moment they can get me.

6) SONG: Tragically Hip - New Orleans (Killer Whale Tank Version)
REASON: How would it be summer without the Hip? A friend of mine cleaned the tanks at an
aquarium so we used to love playing it to him

7) SONG: Foo Fighters - Let it Die
REASON: My friend's daughter. I was in the car with them and when it came off they quickly
changed it. I told them it was a good song. They told me that they knew it was but
that I didn't understand. At that moment their 4 year old started belting out the
chorus "Why don't you go and let it die". After a few times she starts screaming it
which is when they tell her she does not have to scream it. She tells them that the
singer does at the end. She find him funny.

8) SONG: Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
REASON: Memories of riding around in the back of a car blasting it. Hair shaking.

9) SONG: Weezer - Heart song
REASON: Brings back memories of my heart songs - they never feel wrong.

10) SONG: Spirit of the West - Home for a Rest
REASON: I can't think of a party I have been to that this song is not heard. If the dj does
not have it someone will be drunk enough to perform it.

I hope you will share your heart songs with me by commenting on this blogpost. I hope I will find my grandmother's journal soon. I can't believe someone would take it away from me.

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