Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Man From Nunavut Gives Me A Vision

This actually happened on April 18 but I was so shocked by it that I am finally getting to writing it down now.

It was the end of the day and about time. The warm weather maked it a perfect time for a drink on the patio. Sitting and relaxing, sipping a cold drink on the patio with friends. My eyes looked up at the man sitting looking in wonder at the closeness of the buildings. A small church being embraced on either side by an office tower and a highrise condo. “Lots of people but so alone”, the man said. He explained that he was in town to see his mom who is in the hospital. I could sense that the man was upset so I reaches out my hand to console him. There is a shimmer of light off the edge of the building across the street. It blinded me for a moment and then faded. All was white as far as she cound see. I turned around and noticed a small town off in the distance that I didn't notice her first look at the surroundings. I walked towards it as if pulled by the heat of the fire in the center of the town. I walked closer to it to keep warm. The light guided me to the young girl sitting by the fire. I smiled at her. The young girl smiles back. I noticed a book in her hand. “What are you reading?” I asked her. “Its about the future”, the young girl said. “May I see the book?” I asked. The girl pulled the book away so I could not reach it. When I did, I noticed the word Pascha on the cover. “What do you know about Pascha?”, I asked. “I know that April 13, 2036 is a very important date not because its her birthday”, the young girl said. I looked at her odd, I never associated the two before. That is why Pascha is so sad and does not want to celebrate her birthday. “Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you respond to it”, the young girl said. I looked over at the fire as a spark flew up. I followed it with my eyes as it popped. The man was in front of me again. He released my hand and turned to leave. It was then I noticed the book. Pascha's name was on the cover. I wanted to call to him to stop but before I could he was across at the lights and was gone. I sat for a moment on a bench to catch hold of myself then continued down the street to meet my friends for a drink.

If you ever come across this book let me know. I think it is the key to me finding out what my dreams and visions really mean. I still cannot find my grandmother's journal. I have looked everywhere with no luck. If you find either I would be very greatful.