Friday, January 25, 2008

Vision of the Meteor

I had another of my dreams last night. I was lying outside under the stars. Someone yelled its a meteor and its getting close. I turned around and people were running in all directions. I got scared. Mark spotted me and pulled me along. Mark told me that there is a group of people that believe this meteor passing is their savior and will stop at nothing to get close to it. There is massive panic all around me and riots. I tripped and fell down. I awoke with a bruise on my knee.

I spoke to my friends and they laughed. They said it was because of the party happening January 29, 2008 to watch the 2007TU24 pass by just inside the moon just after 3:33 am EST. I still think there is more to it. I asked Mark and he said a lot of strange things happen when meteors pass us. I have posted a link to the article. I would invite you to the party but its a very close group. You can watch yourself though, with it being so close and if we get a clear day you should get a good view of it. I posted the article I found on it below:

Please comment on my dream. Do you think its just related to the party or is there something more to it? Also if you manage to see it I would love it if you would report back here. I will be in the warm observatory so I will see it up close.

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