Sunday, January 20, 2008

Old Faithful and 2010

I went to see a movie last night but had to leave early due to nausea. I laid down on a bench outside the theatre hoping that would help it subside but then I had this aweful dream. When I got home I laid down and pulled out my Grandmother's journal. Skimming through I saw an entry from her related to my dream. I got very scared as I am sure its not just coincidence that we both dreamt it. I thought I would post this entry in hopes you could comment on this too.

(July 5, 1984) My uncle is a forest ranger and he decided it would be fun
to take us to Yellowstone National Park to see Old Faithful with a couple of my
friends. We waited patiently for it to go. Someone
decided it would be fun to get real close when it was going to blow.
Security quickly pulled them back. You don't want to get burned they
said. I had this feeling that something would happen. I started to
feel weak. I looked around and saw the sign
"Old Faithful
Visitor Education Center 2010" Next thing I knew there was an evacuation
notice and security was escorting all of us out. I thought I heard someone
say there was going to be an eruption. I could hear my uncle calling me to
wake up. As it got louder I realized I had fainted and was dreaming the
whole thing.

I had this same dream about visiting Old Faithful and an eruption in 2010. I hope you will post comments or any information you have come across about 2010

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