Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cloudlet Party

This morning on the train I placed my head on the window and had a nap. This is what I dreamed.

One day two water droplets sat together on a pier. “Where have you been?” the first drop asked. “I floated on the air up to the clouds”, the second drop said. “What were they like?” the first drop asked. “ Cloud-lets love to party. They dance to the rhythm of the wind. As they dance they get excited. Exciting parties attract more cloudlets. Eventually it becomes a massive Mosh Pit. The cloudlets bounce off the walls and each other. Some do not like to party. When they get bumped into, they punch. A massive bar fight began. One of the brawlers knocks over a light and it flashed across the sky. Scared Cloudlets exited as fast as they could. Some jumped to other clouds, while others simply dropped to the ground in surrender. This is how I came back to you”, the second cloud said. “Wow, next time take me with you. I have lots of friends that love to party”, the first drop said. “Next time the air is warm and heavy, be prepared and I will come back for you”, the second drop said floating away. The first drop rushed off to tell all his friends.

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