Friday, October 26, 2007

Introducing Susan Fischer and Ida Fischer

First let me start off introducing myself. My name is Susan Fischer and I am the great grand daughter of Ida Fischer. At age 10, I realized I had the ability to dream things before they happened. My friend Crimson and I were talking one day and she mentioned a study she found about gifts and how they are passed. When someone goes through a life impacting event the dna adapts over the next generation to help them handle similar events in the future. The study pointed out that the grand kids of holocaust survivors would have markers in their genes that give them a higher tolerance to extreme stress.

On my 35th birthday a good friend of mine presented me with this journal and it has changed my life. I am seeing a lot how my grandmother's experiences affected my gift. It altered my view on life so much that I thought I would share some of the entries that mean the most to me. I hope you enjoy them and will pass them on to your friend as well so they can experience them too.

I would really appreciate your comments on my postings as it may help me deal with what I am going through. I am using this blog as an outlet to help me get through this. I would love to connect with you personally as well. I am going through a lot right now and could use the friendship.

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Susan Fischer

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